David Roy Williams Entertainment


Tombowler – the biggest marble in the alley bag. When others are flicking their catseyes and aggies tentatively towards the centre, out comes the Tombowler to blast everybody else out of the circle.

David Roy Williams Entertainment (DRW) was established by Shock Records Founder, David Williams. DRW is primarily a touring company with recent international tours by artists as diverse as Machine HeadSeetherOpeth & Shaggy

With an abundance of successful tours under the belt, it has seen the touring arm expand to new levels – and our team has experience and passion born of an absolute love of music that is the driving force behind DRW.


With a long history of success at all levels of the entertainment industry, David Roy Williams Entertainment (DRW) provides services to artists and performers in the quest to reach and interact with the Australian and New Zealand public. As well as involvement in Music Supervision, Music Publishing and acquiring Sync licenses, DRW are active in the following priority entertainment spheres:  


DRW provides hands on and personable service for both International and Australian touring artists of all calibre throughout Australia and New Zealand. DRW co-ordinates budgeting, marketing, logistics, visa applications and more.  


DRW also provides a full Merchandise solution for touring artists, encompassing design, manufacture, stock management, budgets, credit card facilities, staffing, and full reporting. 


Capgun Kids – New music from great Australian artists. The launching pad for Kingswood and more recently the super burbs rock of The Vanns.

Public Opinion Music – Recent albums include Australian only releases by Yngwie Malmsteen & Adrian Belew’s King Crimson offshoot The Crimson ProjeKCt.

Breakaway –They Might Be Giants latest album, ‘Glean’, features the Australian only bonus CD of Flood live in Australia! And coming soon the Australian only retrospective, 50,000,000 They Might Be Giants songs Can’t Be Wrong.

The Team

David Williams

Managing Director

David Roy Williams began his career in the Australian music industry behind the record store counter in 1980. He subsequently worked for a number of import and export music distributors including a period with Richard Branson’s Virgin Music Group in the UK.

David launched Shock Records in 1988, and the business quickly became Australia’s largest independent recorded music company. The business was expanded to incorporate DVD at the turn of the millennium, and eventually included Export, music publishing and clothing divisions.

Growth meant that more and more time was involved in operations and administration and as such it just wasn’t, well… fun anymore.

Stepping down from Shock in 2011, David launched concert promotion company Tombowler and more recently has established DRW as a boutique business aimed at providing services to Artists and labels in the entertainment industry. 

David has served on the ARIA Board, as Chairman for the ARIA Awards and as Chairman of the independent recording association, AIR.

Isabel Bearlin

Production Coordinator

Isabel Bearlin began her career in the music industry both ambitiously and successfully, personally managing a number of local artists and an international band. Isabel is driven by her passion for music and working with likeminded people. 

Since her inception into the biz, she has expanded her expertise into a production coordinator role specialising in events, national tours, music and arts festivals. Within this role Isabel utilises her project management, organisation and communication skills.

Isabel’s ability to communicate with people from all walks of life coupled with her exceptional organisation skills means that she achieves everything she sets her mind to. She’ll organise this, that and the other thing you remembered at 6:10pm on your train ride home that night. She’s a mean, music biz machine!

Kirstie Vallily

Merchandise Coordinator

Starting her music career on the rigorous Australian festival circuit, Kirstie has become a linchpin to the DRW team. Driven by a fierce desire to shatter the glass ceiling and have a good time doing it, Kirstie is the sassy professional who puts nothing in the ‘too hard’ basket.

In her role as Merchandise coordinator for DRW Kirstie applies her strong professional background with her insatiable passion and knowledge for music, delivering outstanding results every time. 

Kirstie is a fervent music fan, but also a true business professional with experience in client communication, band management, sales, event management, merchandise and design. With large scale events like Future Music, Listen Out, Laneway Festival and Slide Street under her belt, Kirstie is a truly talented coordinator who generates brilliant results for DRW clients.