PledgeMusic campaign: The Crimson ProjeKCt to perform in Adelaide

Adelaide fans are being given the chance to have The Crimson ProjeKCt perform the music of King Crimson in the City of Churches, through our very own PledgeMusic campaign.

If the target of this campaign can be met, then Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Julie Slick, Markus Reuter and Tobias Ralph will bring their incredible three-hour live show to Adelaide.

World-wide fans of The Crimson ProjeKCt and King Crimson are able to help get this potential live show off the ground by pledging to purchase things other than tickets to the show. ¬†Tour merch and the Australian exclusive double-CD, ‘Official Bootleg Live – Extended Edition’, are available for all fans to pledge towards.

To help Adelaide fans witness The Crimson ProjeKCt awe-inspiring live show, you can pledge to the campaign HERE.