Ron Sexsmith Q&A


We love people to tell us how much they love Australia – is there one vivid memory from your previous trips that illustrates Australia for you?

I love Australia and I’ve been dying to get back there for years. Coming from Canada, I’ve always felt that Australia is sort of like Canada except with nicer weather. I have a lot of memories of my time there, playing polo backstage with Coldplay in Sydney for example. But I think Australia may have better coffee.


Do you have any pre show rituals? (shots? Nasal kettle? Group hug?) 

We mostly laugh a lot and say inappropriate things. Gallows humour I guess. One thing I usually say before I walk on stage (because I’m always nervous) is “Why do I do this to myself?”


Are there any songs that have stuck with you over the years as favourites to play?  

It changes from tour to tour but I’ve always enjoyed playing “Former Glory” and “There’s A Rhythm.” Mostly I’m always excited to play the new songs.


 How many fingers am I holding behind my back?



If you were invited to curate a “Ron Sexsmith festival” with unlimited financial resources, who are some artists you would love to see on the bill?

Super Furry Animals, Neko Case, Nick Lowe, The Kinks reunion, Deep Purple, Bill Withers and the ghost of Bing Crosby.


Are you a poet who puts his words to music or a musician who has a flair with language?

Well, the lyrics are the toughest part. I write both ways though. Sometimes it starts with melody, other times it starts with words.


Did you ever consider anything other than music as a career path?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a detective.


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