The California Honeydrops Q & A

The California Honeydrops Q & A

Chatting with Lech Wierzynski….

As it is your first time in Australia, are you looking forward to soaking up some of our classic Aussie culture? Do you have any plans outside of performing in Australia?

Outside of looking for kangaroos wallabies and koalas, eating some grilled meat, working on our Australian accents we really don’t have any big plans outside of our concert dates.  We’re a pretty spontaneous group so we’re hoping to meet some Aussies at our shows that may point us in the right direction over a few pints.


Your first paid gig was at a pizza shop in California, what was the crowd like there – did they have any idea of what they were about to get and how did they react? Were you paid in pizza?

Our first fans at the cheeseboard pizza collective in berkeley were the staff , children busting out of strollers to dance, and the street people hanging outside the place.  Once they started the party (singin along from the streets and the kitchen) the rest of the customers joined in.   We were paid in real money, tips, and more pizza than we could possibly eat.  The place enjoyed our music a lot and they ended up throwing us a fundraiser to fund one of our early albums; “spreadin honey”.


The Honeydrops have gone from busking to barn parties to festivals. Tell us about some interesting crowds you have played to over the journey.

Seems like everyday something crazy happens at a honeydrops show.  Whether it be women taking there clothes off, to insane dance offs that lead to sprained ankles and dust storms or several hour parades through the wee hours of the morning.  One time we had a one day old baby and a ninety something year old woman at the same show in a barn out in the country.  That’s a good feeling.


Is there life on other planets, and if so… what does it look like, and does it know how to jive? 

Life is a song and a dance if you’re doing it right, so wherever there’s life there’s bound to be some funk.  All life in the universe comes from the funky life force. Im sure theres some weird bugs out there doing some crazy stuff in outer space man. If they’re intelligent I’m sure they’ll stay away from us.


Does each band members influences differ, or do you all have similar musical backgrounds?

Every band member comes from a different place musically.  Some guys are classically trained other’s are barely potty trained.  That’s what makes being on stage really unpredictable and exciting.


As such a lively and enthusiastic band, your audiences seem to instinctively dance along when seeing you perform live. Is there a track (or more than one) that you find really gets the crowd on their feet? 

Every crowd is different… sometimes they’ll dance to anything you play.  Other days you have to really coax them.  There’s really no telling how a crowd might react on any given night. For example, the only fight we ever saw at a honeydrops show was during a washboard solo.  Sometimes alcohol is more important than what you’re playing.


The California Honeydrops have played with some very notable artists, is there anyone you’d dearly love to work with in the near future?

 I would love to record a song singing with Mavis Staples from the staple singers.. or with Toots from Toots and the Maytals .. that would be a dream come true.


Can you please say something nice about Australia? We like that sort of thing. 

Iggy Azalea is the Best! We love her.  And being Californian’s we love us some Andrew Bogut!  go warriors.  We also would like to thank you for the digeridoo and for letting us come and play in your country.  Ya’ll must be crazy if you’re bringing us over.