Tom’s Christmas Message

Hello all,

I’ve had it suggested that I’ve been a little remiss with regards keeping on top of the social media. Recently I got a response to an email along the lines of “oh! It’s so lovely to hear from you after all this time!” There was such a degree of genuine surprise at having heard from me that I took the actual sentiment to be more like “wow! I thought you were dead!”

I figure I’d best update a little more frequently then.

I checked LinkedIn and discovered I had 185 connect requests, nearly all from people I’d never heard of. So, I accepted all the invitations from young attractive people so as to appear to be relevant, and sent off an invite to Apple CEO Tim Cook so that I can mine his contacts and ask him how to get the calendar on my PC to sync with my iPhone.

We are moving out of the terminally soulless Balwyn Nth into funky bohemian Kensington – the Brooklyn of Melbourne. Cheaper than the centre, fully hep, and yet still possible to be held up at gunpoint.

To all our friends we wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a Super Saturnalia. Enjoy the end of year break and may you avoid being swatted by the Krampus’s birch.