February 8, 2018

Bookings Closed

Unwritten Law – Exclusive Tour Kick-Off Party

Exclusive Tour Kick-Off Party Show – Croxton Bandroom Thursday Feb 8 - ON SALE NOW Unwritten Law are poised to bring mayhem to Australia with the “Black Album” tour. Sold Out shows across Australia are a reason to celebrate, but Unwritten Law do NOT want to wait til the end of the tour! It’s therefore with great trepidation that we announce a very exclusive Unwritten Law “Tour Kick-off” Party. Join Unwritten Law and friends for a night of drinking, moshing and blistering punk pandemonium. 28 Days, The Dead Love, The Drop Bears and Wolfpack will all be there. You’d be crazy not to be there too! UNWRITTEN LAW WILL BE ON STAGE AT 8.00 PM Please note: This is NOT The Black Album show. This is a f*%$ing party. If you want to go see the Black Album show there’s still a few tix left for the Pier Bandroom in Frankston.