Yngwie Malmsteen – ‘Spellbound – Live in Tampa’ 2CD + DVD


Yngwie Malmsteen, one of the finest guitar shredders the world has seen, is releasing a double live album ‘Spellbound – Live In Tampa’ with a bonus ‘Spellbound – Live in Orlando’ DVD conveniently packaged together.

Master of the Stratocaster, the Swedish born, but now US based, guitar legend is venerated as one of the founders of the art of guitar shredding. His neo-classical style and the sheer speed of his playing made him the most notable musician in the genre, and he has influenced a new era of music and guitarists alike.

But Yngwie is not known purely for the speed with which his fingers fly up and down the guitar neck. Yes, Malmsteen‘s playing is fast, but there’s a crystal clarity to each of his notes that few can imitate. From his ground breaking early work with Steeler and Alcatraz, through his time alongside Joe Satriani and Steve Vai as a member of G3, to his more recent forays leading the Guitar Gods there are few that can compare to Yngwie Malmsteen.


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