‘Awesome, Modern Progressive Music’ - Metal Hammer

‘Leading the charge of the modern progressive movement’ -Prog Rock Magazine

Anathema’s Australian fans have been waiting patiently for almost 25 years and the innumerable calls and requests have finally borne fruit – Anathema are making their long awaited first visit to our shores! Anathema have been at the forefront of the UK rock/metal movement for many years. Influential pioneers of melodic heavy music, the band’s forward thinking, intellectual musicianship has earned them accolades such as Classic Rock’s 2010 and 2012 Prog Album of the Year; and whilst their sound and musical vision has continually evolved Anathema have always remained true to their original goal of creating meaningful, passionate and honest music. Anathema are an incredible live experience which rightly earned them the award for Best Live Event at the inaugural Progressive awards late in 2013. Likened to acts such as Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and King Crimson, Anathema present an aural and visual experience that stimulates all six senses from start to finish. Anathema’s music is created with intent to deeply move the listener - the intertwining melodies of their compositions alternatively rapturously uplift the soul before plunging the id disconsolately into the coldest depths of desolation as Anathema fearlessly explore new territory and new ways to express feeling through sound. With a rich and storied catalogue of brilliant music, there will be no shortage of material both new and old on offer including tracks such as Thin Air, A Natural Disaster, Destiny, Internal Landscapes, Parisienne Moonlight, Dreaming Light, Fragile Dreams and Inner Silence among so many more. A chance to immerse yourself in an evening of music with the one and only Anathema may come once in a lifetime. Tickets are sure to sell out so get yours fast. Anathema is a band with a shared vision: to make the most incredible music they possibly can, and it seems, despite the lavish praise heaped on the band for their past work, that they are now taking their work to a whole new level.