ELUVEITIE - Australian Tour 2013

Hurdygurdy Bagpipes Fiddle Flute Mandolin Pipes … just some of the intruments played by the self described “New Wave Of Folk Metal” Swiss octet Eluveitie who will finally land on our shores in May 2013. Get ready for a tour that will leave you astounded by their musical genius. This band is considered one of the best live acts ever! Forming in 2002, Eluveitie have refined themselves over the years into a fine art that incorporates traditional death metal elements and mixes them seamlessly with traditional European folk instruments. And with most of the lyrics sung in an ancient Gaulish tongue, the overall effect is mesmerizing, sweeping and grandiose. Bang your head to the heavy parts, whisk yourself away to an ancient land via the searing melodies of the pipes and flutes and jig with your stein in hand when the hurdygurdy comes crashing in!
“the band … has the place in raptures” (Metal Hammer)
Performing with 8 musicians onstage is an amazing task in itself, but when a band puts out as much energy to a crowd, it makes for some genuinely fun folk metal.
“times you want to dance and times you want to mosh” (Metalarchives.com)
Eluveitie are a spectacle you do not want to miss!