November 22, 2023

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Frankie And The Witch Fingers


LA psychedelic rockers Frankie and the Witch Fingers return to Australia after a huge year of headline shows, major festivals across Europe and the United States, as well as sharing bills with some of the psychedelic and garage-rock greats!

Equipped with brand new music that perfectly encapsulates the punky retro haze the group has come to be known for within the garage-rock scene, Frankie and The Witch Fingers are on the absolute top of their game!


Frankie And The Witch Fingers, the trailblazing proto-rock ensemble known for their mesmerising blend of vintage psychedelia and modern rock energy, are thrilled to announce their upcoming tour of Australia in support of PSYCH OUT! and their latest album, “Data Doom.” This Australian tour is guaranteed to blow minds and leave a wake of destruction across the east coast. Frankie And The Witch Fingers are on the top of their game, with their signature sonic alchemy and mind-bending, genre-blending performances.

Over the past decade Frankie and the Witch Fingers have operated as an outright force of nature, offering up a revelatory form of psych-rock that hits on both a primal and ecstatic level. In the making of their new album Data Doom, the Los Angeles-based four-piece forged a sublimely galvanising sound informed by their love of Afrobeat and proto-punk—a potent vessel for their frenetic meditations on technological change run rampant, encroaching fascism, and corrosive systems of power. Animated by the explosive energy they’ve brought to the stage in sharing bills with such eclectic acts as Ty Segall and ZZ Top, the result is a major leap forward for one of the most adventurous and forward-thinking bands working today.

“Data Doom,” the fifth studio album by Frankie And The Witch Fingers, marks a new pinnacle in the band’s sonic evolution. Combining their retro-inspired rock roots with futuristic and experimental elements, the album showcases a vivid exploration of sound that transcends genre boundaries. With tracks that range from blistering guitar riffs to hypnotic rhythms, “Data Doom” promises an otherworldly auditory journey that reflects the band’s unbridled creativity and musical prowess.

The Australian tour is a much-anticipated event for both fans and newcomers to the band’s unique musical universe. Audiences can expect an electrifying live experience that channels the raw energy and charismatic stage presence that Frankie And The Witch Fingers are renowned for. The tour is not only a celebration of their new album but also an opportunity for Australian fans to immerse themselves in the band’s expansive soundscape.



Tour Dates and Venues:

Wednesday 22nd November | Black Bear Lodge | Brisbane
with Turtle Skull & SAMMM.

Thursday 23rd November | Mo’s Desert Clubhouse | Burleigh Heads
with Turtle Skull & Endless Valley

Friday 24th November | Mary’s Underground | Sydney
with Magic Machine & O.M.R

Saturday 25th November | The Curtin | Melbourne
with Brown Spirits & Neon Goblin

Sunday 26th November | PSYCH OUT! At The Croxton | Melbourne