"A blackened folkish onslaught of Finnish gloom..."
"let yourself be lost in the layers and layers of sound confronting you." -
Hailing from the darkest depths of Finland, the crusaders of epic heathen metal, Moonsorrow have forged a metal art with a solid touch of national romanticism and a distinctively pagan approach that transcends the pre- conceived barriers of folk metal and for the very first time, they will be venturing down under to darken Australia’s shores with it. Moonsorrow have allured the masses with their lengthy musical sagas (many exceed the ten minute mark!) that are performed in their native Finnish tongue and effectively weave tales that take the listener on a journey through heathen times which translate flawlessly to the stage resulting in a live show that has to be seen to truly be believed.
“I was immediately swept away by Moonsorrow’s folkish blackened metal sound.” “Moonsorrow was an immersive experience, the kind you can temporarily lose yourself in.”
So, as the Finnish darkness seeps down into the southern hemisphere, prepare to intertwine all of your senses into one via an evening of aural and visual attack that will be etched in your mind for the rest of time.