The studio is fun, it has some really cool elements to it when you see your songs come together but the real fun is getting out there and playing the songs live. Seeing the response right in front of your eyes, in real-time, to your music is really cool – Dale an intensely emotional performance – New Transcendence Their meaty set flew by quickly so don’t blink or it will be over before you know it. – Loudwire With an amazingly powerful voice, Shaun Morgan belted out each song with a perfect blend of passion and intensity, and each note was more impressive than the last. – Cryptic Rock They came to kick ass and asses were definitely getting kicked … An absolutely unforgettable performance! – Examiner …and their enthusiasm is infectious! – Examiner another stirring performance. – Local Bozo the roar and intensity of the crowd, testified to the quality of the band… See this band live when you are able to. I’ve never considered doing anything else. Music has been my whole life. If I wasn’t playing with Seether I would probably be playing drums in a band in a bar somewhere, or a wedding or bar mitzvah. – Johnny

Multi-platinum alt-rock trio SEETHER will be returning to Australia to celebrate the release of their 6th album ‘Isolate And Medicate’. Having sold over 5 million albums, SEETHERis the biggest rock act to come out of South Africa ever! From headline runs to festival appearances all across the globe, the band has amassed an exceptionally loyal fan base, and this is a band that ensures every single performance delivers their fans all they could possibly want.