February 24, 2024

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The Bennies with Special Guests Dua Lipasuction

The Bennies have rightfully earned their reputation as the ultimate party starters by breaking musical boundaries with their distinctive blend of punk, ska, reggae, and psychedelic elements. Their captivating presence and genre-defying sound has earned the band a dedicated fan base both in Australia and internationally. Recently, having shared the stage with NOFX, The Bennies continue to blaze up a trail in the punk scene, injecting infectious energy and unrivalled spirit into every performance.

“The Bennies are the ultimate party band seamlessly blending punk, ska, dub and rap into their set. I was not expecting to see a circle pit at a punk gig, let alone for an upbeat ska band such as these guys, but that’s exactly what happened while Anty stood triumphantly on the stage with a grin ear to ear” – GIG REVIEW: NOFX, The Bennies + VOIID @ The Fortitude Music Hall – 24/01/2024 – Good Call Live